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808 Bass Samples Preview. 808 features 50 key-labeled 808 bass samples produced with Roland TR 808, Jomox MBase 01, Elektron Analog Rytm, and then processed with Elektron Analog Heat - analog distortion, filter and EQ. Whether you're making Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, Future Bass or EDM, these 808s will help you to add extra low-end to your mixes Here you can download our free 808 sample pack. These are perfect for Trap, Hip Hop and Electronic music. This pack will have your drums hitting hard while keeping your sound up to date. This sample pack has 15 custom-made 808s that you can use in all your beats

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Die TR-808 Drum Machine Samples kommen im gängigen WAV-Format zu dir nach Hause. Die Samples haben laut Wage Alchemy eine Auflösung von 24 Bit und eine Sample-Rate von 44,1 kHz. Die Lizenzbestimmungen zur Verwendung der Samples kannst Du direkt dem Download-Ordner entnehmen. Dort findest Du außerdem eine Internetverknüpfung zu anderen Sample Libraries sowie ein Kontaktformular zu den Jungs und Mädels von Wave Alchemy Lit 808 Samples - Free 808 Samples for Trap & Hip Hop 20 Expertly processed 808's that are drag and drop ready Each year we update our Sub Zero 808 Kontakt Library and this year we wanted to take some of the new 808's we made and release them as a free pack 808 Bass Pack - FREE sounds & samples. Includes aggressive, bass, bassy, and buzzy sounds. Download for FREE + discover 1000's of sounds 808 Tape. Mit 808 Tape stellt die Software- und Sample-Schmiede Wave Alchemy ein kostenloses Sample-Pack zur Verfügung, das lediglich eine Registrierung auf der Hersteller-Website benötigt. Bei diesem Sample Pack wurde eine TR-808 mit einer Studer A80 MK1 Bandmaschine in den Sättigungsstufen clean, saturated und driven aufgezeichnet Everything you need to get started making 808 heavy trap, hiphop & future bass. Just add your favourite synths, Nexus and sound fonts. Get creative and go beyond. All samples are free to use in your Productions. If you like these sounds there 33 time the number in our sample pack Catalyst to really rev up your tracks

Die 5 besten 808-Sample-Packs für massives Low End 1. 808 Bass. Falls du hier bist, um einen massiven 808-Bass zu finden, der das Low End deines Tracks ins Rampenlicht... 2. 808 Trill. Es wurde mit den heißesten Produzent*innen und Rapper*innen im Hinterkopf zusammengestellt und bietet... 3. 808. 808 Drums from Wave Alchemy is another sample pack that is sampled and then layered directly from the original Roland TR-808 hardware. However this royalty free 808 sample pack doesn't just contain 808 bass drums, it incorporates a range of other drums from the TR-808 such as clap, snare, tom and hi hat samples Here you can download 6 professionally designed free 808 samples. We mixed and edited these samples with the new VST plugin Thump. These 808s are hard-hitting, deep gritty, and unique sounding 808s. Each of them is Key labeled making it way easier to use them within your beats Please contact us to report any files that you feel may be in breach of copyright or our upload guidelines. This list only shows free 808 loops that have the word 808 in the title or description. Use the search box to find more free 808 loops and samples. Description : Kick, Snare, HiHat, Percs. 808 Samples - Cymatics Boomin' 808 Samples & Presets Inspired by bass artists that are absolutely killing it right now, we created an 808 pack that will blow your mind... With 15 presets for Serum and Massive, and 50 samples to choose from, you'll never run out of 808s to use

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  1. 808 Bass Sample Pack | LANDR. 120. bpm. C major. 0 / 8 samples. Build beats before you buy with Creator. Click to add up to 8 samples to Creator. Press play and Creator will match your sounds to your key and BPM. Use advanced controls to adjust level, pitch and BPM
  2. 808 Drum Kit contains WAV samples that can be imported directly into your DAW, sampler or audio host of choice (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, Reason, Pro Tools, MASCHINE, MPC Renaissance etc) <a href=https://soundpacks.com/free-sound-packs/808-drum-kit/>808 Drum Kit (Free Download) - SoundPacks.com</a>
  3. RVK-808 bietet insgesamt 17 Drum Kits, die aufeinander abgestimmte Samples beinhalten. Jeder Kanal ist überdies mit Pan, Release und Lautstärke ausgestattet. Hinzu kommen Bassdrum Tone, Reverb, Noise FX und ein globaler Pitch Bend, mit dem das gesamte Drum Kit in der Tonhöhe angepasst werden kann
  4. No additional 808 sample package within this guide might boast as many bass samples as Super Analog 808! Each hit differs in tonal version and speed, allowing a realistic 808 blueprint to be programmed. The most significant advantage for us is that the Instrument Patches. On account of the number of bass samples recorded with this package, the.
  5. Get the beest free 808 samples for EDM,Trap, Future Bass, Hip hop and more. SOUNDSETS. Echo Sound Works. SOUNDSETS. NI KONTAKT. SAMPLE PACKS & MIDI. FREE DOWNLOADS. TUTORIALS. BLOG. CONTACT. More. ESW Free 808 11- F. ESW Free 808 13 - F. ESW Free 808 09 - F. ESW Free 808 01 - F. ESW Free 808 02 - F. ESW Free 808 02 - F . Hey guys, wanted to give out some really high quality 808 samples for.

808 Samples WAV Hip-Hop Trap 'UNIT: 808' - 808 Sample Pack contains WAV samples that can be imported directly into your DAW, sampler or audio host of choice (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, Reason, Pro Tools, MASCHINE, MPC Renaissance etc The 808 samples are divided into two main folders: hits and loops. All the samples are supplied as WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. Because they're royalty-free, you're welcome to use the samples in your music in any way you like - all we ask is that you don't re-distribute them

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Free 808 Bass Sample Pack⚫FREE DOWNLOAD⚫https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xHgCOMPDpyZzdJySUXhGF3LQ5u5zpm-U/view?usp=drivesdk_____.. 808 Tape serves up over 300 drum samples from the classic TR-808 drum machine... All drums have been recorded directly to 1/4 analogue tape via a Studer A80 Mk1 tape machine with each sound boasting multiple saturation settings! What's included in the pack? 318 24-bit 100% royalty free tape drum samples! 87 kick drum samples ; 90 snare drums; 42 toms; 39 hi hats; 60 percussion hits.

Our favorite sample from the pack: SS 808 9 - C Octave. 5. Lo-Fi 808 Vol 1. Get 808s inspired by lo-fi hip hop with Lo-Fi 808 Vol 1 from Kryptic samples. Every 808 in the pack has been processed with the finest vintage filters and effects to get you that warm tape saturated sound that makes lo-fi beats go. Lo-Fi 808 Vol 1 also comes with. 2. 15 Free 808 Samples by AngelicVibes. AngelicVibes is without any doubt one of the best known sound design labels when it comes to Trap & Hip Hop sample packs. These 808s have been made from scratch and are already EQ'd + compressed so you can drag them right into your project file! Contents: 15 custom-made 808s; Learn more 3. Warm 808 Bass Samples by SoundPacks.com. The Warm 808 kit you. to add up to 8 samples to Creator. Press play and Creator will match your sounds to your key and BPM. Use advanced controls to adjust level, pitch and BPM YC Audio - 808 Drill: Download 16 Samples and Sounds inspired by Drake, Chief Keef, Travis Scott, Pop Smoke. This pack is perfect to build Hip Hop, Trap instrumentals. The sample pack is Royalty-Free

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808 Drums from Wave Alchemy is just another sample package that's sampled and layered directly in the first Roland TR-808 hardware. Nevertheless, this royalty-free 808 sample package does not just comprise 808 bass drums; it integrates various drums out of the TR-808 like clap, trap, Tom, and hi-hat samples These samples will work perfectly with multiple genres of EDM like Trap, Future Bass, Dubstep and so much more. They will also work really well in any Hip Hop production. We made these while we were creating the hundreds of 808 samples we made for our Kontakt Sub/808 Library SUB ZERO 808. These are without a doubt some of the best free 808 sounds. TR-808 sample pack consists of: 26 Basedrums; 26 Snares; 3 Different Hi Hats; 5 Open Hi-hat + Tons of cymbals and percussions; The history of the TR-808 . TR-808 was manufactured by Roland between 1980 and 1983. It was one of the earliest drum machines that allowed users to program their own rhythms instead of using preset patterns. From Wikipedia: With TR-808, Roland aimed to develop a. Warm 808's - 500 Free 808 Samples The FREE Warm 808 Bass Samples pack contains 500 royalty-free 808 sounds giving you everything you need to be able to make smooth Hip Hop, Future Bass, Trap, and more..

Sound Sample Set 1.0.0 (09/08/94) The Roland TR-808 (popularly known as the 808″) is, perhaps, the most popular analogue electronic drum machine of all time. Since its debut in 1982, it has been the drum machine used the most by dance, pop, rap, and rhythm and blues artists to produce the drum rhythm tracks for their songs 808 Tape serves up over 300 drum samples from the classic TR-808 drum machine... All drums have been recorded directly to 1/4 analogue tape via a Studer A80 Mk1 tape machine with each sound boasting multiple saturation settings! What's included in the pack? 318 24-bit 100% royalty free tape drum samples! 87 kick drum samples; 90 snare drums; 42 tom The good people at Liveschool and Studios 301 got together late one night to record a Roland TR-808 drum machine through the $30,000 Fairchild 670 compressor. This happened around a year ago and the result was a collection of some of the best and qualitatively outstanding TR-808 samples out there Roland 808 und mehr - Drum Samples kostenlos Ein Datenpaket von 250 MB steht zum Abholen bereit. Und Du willst es doch auch. Die 59 Drumkits à 16 Sounds, weitere 420 Einzelsounds und 50 MIDI-Patterns, die nur darauf warten, in deinem nächsten Mix Platz zu finden oder per Layering kombiniert zu werden

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Get the keys, drum hits, and risers from Lil Pump's Billboard Hot 100 charting Gucci Gang, the booming 808 subs used in Lil Tracy's Hennessey, hi-hats used in Lil Peep's Witch Blades, alongside countless crisp sounds for your trap productions. In addition to exclusive samples from those tracks, check out synth plucks, melodic loops, trill hat patterns, kicks, and more in his first sample pack of trap and hip hop goods. Who knows? Maybe you'll produce the next. These free samples are perfect for any Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, House producer and is also suitable for many styles of music such as Funk, Soul, RnB, House Chillout and any other sounds that blend Hip Hop with Electronica as well. Please subscribe to preview all sounds. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume

Oft stammen die wummernden Bässe, die wir heute in Hip-Hop und Trap hören, von der charakteristischen 808-Bassdrum und ihrem unnatürlich langen Decay. Gemeinsam mit den unverkennbaren Sounds von Hi-Hat, Clap, Clave und Snare zählen diese Samples zu den am einfachsten verfügbaren und am häufigsten herunter geladenen Sounds. Hier haben wir einige unserer Lieblingstutorials über fette 808-Basslines versammelt, von der Idee bis zum Mixing This sample pack contains, sampled, synthesised and mangled 808 + 909 drums to create the classic trap sound. Trapstep Vol 2 contains nearly all the sounds you need to make today's HipHop, Trap, Future & much more. You only need to add some quality soundfonts and your own midi to forge your next hit. Drums and Samples are organised and named in easy to use folders to quickly find what you're looking for The free 808 pattern loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these 808 pattern loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Any questions on using these files contact the user who. Here are the Top 9 Best 808 sub bass sample packs with free download links: Surge Sounds 808 Bass Samples - 100 Key Labelled One Shots Trisamples 808 trapstep pack vol 1 - 103 Drums, 808s, FX and More Echo Sound Works Free 808 Collection - 15 808 bass samples Abletunes Free 808 Samples - 50 Key. Lots of 808 sounds for trap producers, Massive and Serum Patches, Pads and Bass One-Shots! Free Drum and Bass Samples Vol. 2. Free Drum and Bass Samples Vol. 2 . A huge compilation of 100 Drum and Bass/Neurofunk samples and loops. Free Trap and Dubstep Samples No. 7. Free Trap and Dubstep Samples No. 7. Free Pack Number 7 features Bass One-Shots, Bassdrums, Basslines, Hihats, Lead Sounds.

The so-called 808 pack by Abletunes contains 50 key-labeled 808 samples that can be used for different genres, including Future Bass, Hip Hop, Trap or Glitch Hop. They're based on some analog drum machines like the Roland TR-808, Jomox MBase 01 or Elektron Analog Rytm. Contents: 50 key-labeled 808 bass samples; Learn mor 808 Drill from YC Audio is a collection of 16 sounds that are intended to build Hip Hop, Trap music. The sample pack consists of carefully prepared samples of instruments such as 808 . This library was inspired by top musicians, including Drake, Chief Keef, Travis Scott, Pop Smoke 1. 808 Sample Selection Choosing a quality 808 sample that works with your song is crucial. 90% of what makes an excellent sounding 808 is selecting the best sample. Look for clean and punchy samples that have a consistent body. It will be easier to process and shape them to fit with other elements in the mix

Tired of searching for the perfect 808 one-shot? Looking to create the perfect 808s sample folder? Look no further, as Loop Cult has already put the folder together for you. UNIT 808 is an all-round beat making powerhouse that entails all key aspects of Trap and Hip Hop production. It takes you for a journey through decades - from the very essential sounds of the little beast, raw and basic, across the evolution of electronic music, with notable exponential growth in tightness, punchiness. This is a genre filled with a hard attitude that you can feel in the sound of the brass, triangle, triplet hi-hats, loud kicks, snappy snares and low end 808 bass samples that are used when composing tracks. The percussive Trap samples of choice usually come from the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. These primary characteristics would go on to be the signature sound of Trap music, originating from producer Shawty Redd. When speaking of the originators in the Trap music game, southern. Our royalty free music samples come from artists, producers and instrumentalists across the globe, ensuring you get the best loops played and recorded at the highest quality by seasoned professionals and top studio engineers. Download royalty free sounds from our website or using Loopcloud, the online cloud-based browser where you'll find exclusive content each week free to add to your music. Ahead of our complete re-sampling of the 808 From Mars, we're offering two new 16x hit 808 kits - recorded through our API console to tape, with a variety of high end hardware processing along the way. These are our best sounding 808s yet. The kits feature clean, colored, and super saturated 808 hit

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100+ high quality 808 bass samples; All sounds carefully multi-layered & processed; Drop into a sampler track in your DAW or a hardware sampler and make your own 808 basslines; All files are 24bit/44.1k WAV; Compatible with older hardware samplers as well as newer soft samplers and DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, MPC, Maschine etc) 100% free download; 100% royalty free. Analog 808 A collection of high quality 808 bass samples recorded and mixed 100% through analog gear. Inside this sample pack, you'll find both tuned samples as well as bass drops. Each root note has multiple variations to choose from with varying amounts of texture and color 808 kit /808 Samples Pack /DARK 808 kit [ Free Download ] Ep10. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer

A collection of free Trap samples from the Dark Trap sample pack, which features gnarly processed 808 drum samples, mutated basslines and grimy synths Processed & clean 808 samples, short & long 808 samples, flexible synth presets can bring your mixes to industry-standard worldwide hits! Don't waste your time, download this 808 treasure and become a supasta! P.S. And yes, we know, there is to many word 808 in this text! :)) Please note: this is a Bass Sample Pack only! The DEMO contains other sounds exclusively for illustration and they. Obwohl gesampelte TR-808-Klänge heute leicht erhältlich sind, ist die originale TR-808 noch sehr gefragt und die Preise für Gebrauchtgeräte sind entsprechend hoch. Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage wurden im Laufe der Jahre verschiedene Nachbauten und Software-Emulationen der 808 entwickelt 808 KIT | 808 sample pack [ Free Download ] | OSCURIDAD Download |descarga → https://bit.ly/3kAtkv6 The equipment I use to produce: My Interface: https://amzn.to/2IPdJK2 My condenser microphone: https://amzn.to/31yeH3Y My Midi Keyboard: https://amzn.to/35sc8kX My Headphones: https://amzn.to/37uspZz My computer: https://amzn.to/37zmJ0

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This free Trap sample pack features a hand picked selection of wav samples from the full sample library. PLAY AUDIO. Full Version Includes: Essential collection of Trap, Hip Hop & Dubstep samples; Created by hugely respected trap producer Bleep Bloop; Booming bass sounds, 808 drums sounds and lush synth samples; Huge collection of one shot samples; Multiple file formats and sampler instruments. FREE 808 Bass Samples for Hip-Hop & Trap Production. This FREE Warm 808 Bass Samples pack contains 500 royalty-free 808 sounds giving you everything you need to be able to make smooth Hip Hop, Future Bass, Trap, and more.. Get creative and go beyond by adding your favorite synths such as Nexus, Sylenth, Massive & Alchemy For a detailed rundown of what types of multi-sampling is included in the 808 From Mars, see this 808 From Mars - Guide. Sorting the Samples and Formatting Once all of the recordings were finalized, we spent a week exploring and jamming with all of the sounds, carefully building 16x hit kits of drums that play well together @drum_samples Bought the 808 Warfare, and a few other kits, must say all I use now in my production is your 808 Warfare, nothing cones close — SECRETNOISE (@SECRETNOISE1) December 18, 2015. 808 Warfare may be the best thing I've ever bought in my entire life. #808warfare @drum_samples — Cvrlberg (@carlbergss) March 26, 2015 #808warfare is SERIOUSLY a game changer and life saver for.

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Showing search results {{ thousands_separators((getBasicPages + 1)) }} - {{ thousands_separators(getBasicMaxPage) }} of {{ thousands_separators(numberHits) } Only 12,000 Roland TR-808 units were ever made, so the vast majority of producers currently making 808-heavy beats have never laid their hands on the hardware itself. The boomy bass sounds we hear in so much contemporary hip hop and trap stem from the 808's iconic bass drum sound with its unnaturally long decay. These samples, along with the instantly recognisable hi hat, clap, clave and. The BD-808 is incredibly useful for creating dope 808 bass lines with very little effort. Unlike other plugins on our list, the BD-808 doesn't use any 808 samples, instead it relies on detailed analysis of the old school bass drum circuits. Furthermore, it makes use of a MIDI control, allowing you to operate the plugin like a bass synthesizer.

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Warm 808 Bass Samples by Your Local Musician. This FREE Warm 808 Bass Samples pack contains 500 royalty-free 808 sounds giving you everything you need to be able to make smooth Hip Hop, Future Bass, Trap, and more. Free Hip Hop Drum Samples. Although Old School Hip Hop and Boom Bap aren't as popular as they used to be anymore it can still be cool to play around with some old vinyl loops or. Directly from our Roland TR-808 drum machine we bring to all ProducerSpot.com readers the 808 DRUMS, a free for download drum sample pack featuring over 200 one shots drum samples and + a BONUS of 10 Trap drum loops.. In detail, you will have access to 10 claps, 15 claves, 25 congas, 25 cymbals, 25 hats, 30 kicks, 50 snares, 30 toms and bonus 10 drum loops Processed & clean 808 samples, short & long 808 samples, flexible synth presets can bring your mixes to industry-standard worldwide hits! Don't waste your time, download this 808 treasure and become a supasta! P.S. And yes, we know, there is to many word 808 in this text! Please note: this is a Bass Sample Pack only! The DEMO contains other sounds exclusively for illustration and they are.

Kickstart your next project with samples from Hot Sauce 808 Pack by Julez Jadon. Browse, preview and download all 30 samples & loops, or download only the sounds you want. Start with a 14-day free trial, then just $7.99/month Perfect to use with 808 hi-hat samples! Just drag and drop the pattern on your DAW and create some dope hi hat rolls! A little History about 808: In the1980s, the 808 attracted a cult following among underground musicians for its affordability on the used market, ease of use, and idiosyncratic sounds, particularly its deep, booming bass drum In contrast to 808 VIP the Bangin 808 pack contains only one shots samples, so it's the better choice for producers who don't own a copy of Serum or simply prefer to work with one shot samples instead of presets. All 808 bass samples are key-labeled and the pack comes with some bonus loops + MIDI files. You'll love it Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (1980-1983) Rather than having to use preset patterns, the Transistor Rhythm-808 allowed for programming of custom patterns. Full TS-808 is a software emulation of the Roland TR-808 hardware drum machine. It was created by reference to the TR-808 service notes and extensive analysis of samples. Details: TS-808 is a drum synth, not a sampler. Most of the voices have more parameters and a greater range than their hardware predecessors. All parameters can be automated

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This wikiHow teaches you how to import sound samples, like new instruments or effects, into FL Studio. If you don't have sound samples available, you can download them from FL Studio's developers' website. Open FL Studio. It's a black app.. Die MC-808 teilt zwei wichtige Eigenschaften mit ihrer Vorgängerin, der MC-909: Das erstklassige Sampling und die hochentwickelten Sequencing-Funktionen, welche die MC-909 berühmt gemacht haben, sind auch in der MC-808 zu finden. Damit ist sie ein ernsthaftes, professionelles Werkzeug zum Sampeln, Editieren, Aufbauen von Spuren und Mixen. Speziell für Live-Musiker bietet die MC-808 jedoch.

Samples From Mars 808 From Mars. Das von der 808 inspirierte Plug-in der Analog Mafia habt ihr euch bestimmt schon hier heruntergeladen, SC-808 für Supercollider wahrscheinlich auch. Ein ganzes 808 Lab haben wir euch bereits im Juli vorgestellt. Falls ihr von der 808 einfach nicht genug kriegen könnt, schnappt euch doch zusätzlich dieses Angebot von Samples From Mars. In diesem Paket. Für diese Techniken bietet der SP-808 eine leistungsfähige Kombination aus Sampling-Funktionen, Effekten und Harddisk-Recording-Möglichkeiten in einer kompakten Workstation. Nachdem der Künstler seine Samples aufgezeichnet, verlängert, verkürzt, verfremdet und synchronisiert hat, kann er die Multitrack-Sektion des SP-808 nutzen, um seinen Mix aufzubauen. So vereint der SP-808 die. Sample Kit - 808 Kicks, Chants, Claps, Percussion, SFX, Snaps, Snares, and other free trap sample packs. 4. Sound Kit - This sample pack is over 150 MB and contains over 50 trap samples and soundfonts. 5. Loops / Soundkit - 808 (One-Shots), 808 Loops, 808's, Brass, Claps, Crashes, Hi-Hats, Hits, Kicks, Lead Loops, Shots, Snares. 6. 20+ Sample Packs - Designer Panda free trap samples. SampleScience 808 Lab. SampleScience schafft es immer wieder in diese Rubrik. Diesmal mit dem 808 Lab, ein Plug-in, das natürlich auf Samples der Roland TR-808 basiert. Es ist ja mittlerweile kein Geheimnis mehr, dass einige Producer die Kick stimmen, um diese so als ultrafetten Bass zu benutzen

Check Out 808 Samples On eBay. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find 808 Samples On eBay Enter Your Email To Join My Mailing List + Get Your Free 808 Samples.. The Urban 808 Kontakt Library comes with 20 808 samples, all based on the Roland TR-808 but then uniquely processed to give each sample its own character. The processing and mixing of the sounds guarantee there's no pops, crackles, unwanted noise or silences, just ready to rock, professional 808 basses

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Over the years, 3 different 808s have been sampled to create the 808 From Mars, but our most recent unit is far and away the best sounding yet, and for this reason (and the fact we have better gear and more experience than ever) we've decided to completely re-sample it. So, we multi-sampled our 808 cleanly through our API console, and also dirtied it up with a slew of hardware saturators, EQs, filters and compressors (no plugin processing whatsoever). We re-pitched the Bass Drum through old. 808 Destruction offers tons of different 808 samples tuned to either C or F, which you can easily pitch shift to fit the key of your project. The samples range in timbre from warm, round, and fuzzy to heavily distorted through the use of tools like saturators and bit crushers. Oops, we couldn't find that playlist Not another 808 sample pack! Well, actually, it isn't. This is the legendary Tape808, 407 samples taken from two 808's recorded on an Ampex 351, half-inch, valve, two-track tape machine! That's not all... We also put the 808's through other vintage gear. Plus, we recorded the drums raw straight into the ULN-2 interface. Punchy, warm, tasty analog goodness. For the producer seeking a sampled.

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This kit 808 bass comes with 50 Wav files high quality absolutely free! Kit created from scratch on the best VST synthesizers. And can be used with any DAW: FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Studio One, FL Mobile, Garage Band, Etc. Its as easy as dragging and dropping. Enjoy 300 TR-808 drum machine samples recorded directly to 1/4 analogue tape, including multiple tape saturation levels... More Info » 808 Tape. FREE. 280 Korg KPR-77 drum samples, recorded directly to 1/4 analogue tape, including multiple round robin variations and pre-mapped drum kits for Kontakt & Battery... More Info » Tape KPR-77. FREE. 140 speaker shaking kick drum samples from Jomox's.

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Kann mir jemand eine gute 808 Sample-cd empfehlen ? Ich verstehe echt nicht wie ich damals, als ich eine Zeit lang eine TR-808 hatte nie eigene Samples erstellt habe.. Brauche eigentlich nur die 808 toms Hardtekk Sample Pack Pro € 19,90 In den Warenkorb; Hardtekk Kick Pack Pro € 15,90 In den Warenkorb; Hardtekk Sample Pack Einsteiger € 12,90 In den Warenkorb; Hardtekk Kick Pack Einsteiger € 7,90 In den Warenkorb; Free Pack € 0,00 In den Warenkor Hi , ich würde gerne dieses 808 Sample haben, oder von mir aus auch selber bauen , habe einige VST synths. Wisst ihr wie ich genau diesen 808 sound nachbauen kann ? Die 808 ist irgendwie sehr lang und komplett ohne Saturation. Das Teil hatt einfach nur Bums , ich brauche die. Habe alle meine Sample Libs. Durchsucht aber keine kommt an das Beispiel Ran

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